Level 2


unit 1

  1. copies
  2. moves
  3. kisses
  4. drinks
  5. buys
  6. mixes
  7. prepares
  8. fishes
  9. enjoys
  10. helps
  11. stays
  12. cuts
  13. watches
  14. carries
  15. listens

unit 2

Example: Jorge never eats breakfast

  1. Leia is buying groceries at the store.
  2. Sarai goes for a walk every night.
  3. Henry sends a lot of emails on weekdays.
  4. We are making new friends at school.
  5. They are working on the project.
  6. Austin is asking the teacher a question.
  7. I always pay my bills on time.
  8. Taryn and Blake are following the instructions.
  9. You never come to class late.
  10. Nancy grows flowers in her garden every spring.

unit 3

  1. Anne reads books in her free time.
  2. The girls have dance classes every week.
  3. This grammar class is fun and interesting.
  4. That blueberry bush is growing a lot of fruit.
  5. The bushes outside the window have many flowers.
  6. We are watching a movie about nature.
  7. My husband eats an orange every morning for breakfast.
  8. Jacob is happy because he has new shoes.
  9. We are running outside. Our faces are red.
  10. The college has many fun activities for students.

Example: The nurse’s uniform is gray.

  1. The farmer has many animals on his farm.
  2. The farmer’s animals eat a lot of food.
  3. A doctor’s job sounds interesting.
  4. A ballerina’s feet are strong.
  5. My friend is coming to my house today.
  6. A pilot’s uniform includes a hat.
  7. My sister is coming to my house today.
  8. I don’t know the singer’s name.

M: Hi, Paul! What are you doing? 

P: Oh, hi, Melania. I’m organizing my family’s things from our trip. 

M: That’s nice! Who does this shirt belong to? 

P: That belongs to Jason. It’s his. 

M: Oh. I think this dress belongs to Kate. 

P: Yes, it’s hers. 

M: I like this nice hat!

P: You’re right! It is his. 

M: Nice! This picture is incredible. Is it yours? 

P: No, that one belongs to our whole family. It’s ours. 

M: That makes sense. You can remember the trip with that picture. Well, see you later, Paul. 

P: Bye, Melania!

Hi. My name is Anjali. Every morning, I take a shower. I eat breakfast with a friend almost every day. I usually have an egg, an orange, and a glass of milk. After breakfast, I pack my lunch. I usually pack a sandwich, an apple, some carrots, and a bottle of water. Next, I ride to work on a bus. I work as an engineer. I like math and technology. At work, I’m working on a big project. After work, I take a walk for an hour. Then, I have dinner and go to bed. 

Example: My computer screen is dirty.

  1. Jack is wearing work boots.
  2. I need to do more work today.
  3. I like our new TV stand.
  4. We are buying a TV right now.
  5. Jolene is at a concert tonight.
  6. They are cooking vegetable soup.
  7. Hotels give room keys to the guests.
  8. Your house has a lot of rooms.

  1. Don’t eat the eggs! They smell bad.
  2. Isabella is running in a race. She is fast.
  3. The vegetable soup tastes delicious.
  4. It’s time for lunch. The food looks good.
  5. My aunt puts ginger in her tea. Ginger tastes bitter.
  6. Joseph has a cold. He feels terrible.
  7. Our teacher is telling us about the test. It sounds hard.
  8. My new sweater feels soft. I like it.

unit 4

Example: I am shorter than my husband.

  1. Dark chocolate is more bitter than milk chocolate.
  2. The ballet dancer is more flexible than the wrestler.
  3. A shark is bigger than a fish.
  4. A rock is heavier than a feather.
  5. Watermelon is more delicious than grapefruit.
  6. A car is safer than a motorcycle.
  7. My chemistry class is more difficult than my grammar class.
  8. Kim seems more serious than Yuto.
  9. My new sweater feels softer than my old sweater.
  10. In my opinion, garlic smells worse than onions.

  1. Are adults happier than children?
  2. Is your family bigger than my family?
  3. Which problem is harder?
  4. Which room is bigger, the kitchen or the bathroom?
  5. Is your father older than your mother?
  6. Which car is faster?
  7. Is health more important than money?
  8. Are men lazier than women?
  9. Is a child more obedient than a teenager?
  10. Which business is more successful?

Example: Carrots are the biggest.

  1. The watermelon is the largest.
  2. The cupcakes are the sweetest.
  3. The cupcakes are the heaviest.
  4. The carrots look the prettiest.
  5. The carrots taste the sweetest.
  6. The watermelon smells the worst.

Example: Which snake is the most dangerous?

  1. Is the blue dress more expensive than the red dress?
  2. What is the prettiest bird?
  3. Which sea creature is the scariest?
  4. Are carrots healthier than green beans?
  5. Is Mount Everest the tallest mountain?
  6. Which ocean is smaller, the Atlantic or the Pacific?
  7. Is your brother shorter than your dad?
  8. Are movies more interesting than books?
  9. Which is worse, a cold or the flu?
  10. What is the most comfortable shoe?

  1. Which diamond is the biggest?
  2. Which fruit is better, apples or grapes?
  3. Which mountain is the tallest?
  4. Which activity is more dangerous, skiing or snorkeling?
  5. Which color is the most cheerful, yellow or orange?
  6. Which university is the most expensive?
  7. Which comic book is more interesting?
  8. Which song is the most popular?

unit 5

Example: You all were in class yesterday.

  1. Li was an athlete.
  2. Marco wasn’t in Europe last year.
  3. You all weren’t happy yesterday.
  4. They weren’t at the store.
  5. The weather was nice last night.
  6. I was on time for class.
  7. We were on a volleyball team.
  8. She wasn’t excited about the test.
  9. You were next to me on the bus.
  10. Our teacher was in her office yesterday.
  11. The classroom wasn’t clean.
  12. My parents were together at a restaurant.
  13. Danny wasn’t early for the test.
  14. We weren’t ready for the activity.
  15. I wasn’t popular in high school.

  1. lived
  2. washed
  3. wanted
  4. sneezed
  5. asked
  6. talked
  7. agreed
  8. ended
  9. cooked
  10. arrived
  11. graded
  12. needed
  13. loaded
  14. jumped
  15. moved
  16. played
  17. shouted
  18. stopped


Example: My sister plays tennis.

  1. I listened to music.
  2. They listen to music.
  3. Jackie tries to make new food every day.
  4. She promised to help me.
  5. The children jumped in puddles.
  6. Chihiro likes to read comic books.
  7. We wanted more time in the computer lab.
  8. You talked a lot with your friends.


Example: It didn’t rain last weekend.

  1. We didn’t watch the news.
  2. He doesn’t like to play video games.
  3. Paolo borrowed my pen for class.
  4. Mitsuki didn’t arrive late for work.
  5. Jenna and Blake wait for the movie to start.
  6. They don’t cook dinner.
  7. You didn’t wait for me.
  8. I saved the document on the computer.

unit 6

  1. The doctor wrote a prescription for the patient.
  2. I didn’t go home after work.
  3. The students understood the instructions from the teacher.
  4. People see many different animals at the zoo.
  5. Diana ran a race last weekend.
  6. He didn’t do the laundry last night.
  7. My friend gave me a present on my birthday!
  8. You forgot to get milk at the grocery store.
  9. I hear a loud noise outside my house.
  10. Blue and yellow make green.
  11. A plumber came to my house to fix a leaky pipe.
  12. The children took cookies from the jar.
  13. We didn’t eat lunch today.
  14. The workers met their new boss two hours ago.
  15. I got a package in the mail yesterday.
  16. They don’t have free time this month.

  1. John didn’t bend his arm.
  2. The boy broke a window with his baseball.
  3. He loses his glasses a lot.
  4. How do you feel today?
  5. The nurse brought some medicine to the patient.
  6. My grandma taught me how to plant a garden.
  7. Scientists find new things every year.
  8. Jaylin knew the right answers on the test.
  9. Soldiers leave for training often.
  10. The children sent letters to their grandparents.
  11. What do you think about the new movie?
  12. They threw the trash away.
  13. The mayor built a monument in the park.
  14. We don’t speak to each other during class.
  15. I grew tomatoes in my garden this summer.
  16. She doesn’t buy new clothes every day.

Example: Did Paul come to class?

  1. Do children play outside every day?
  2. Did the cat sleep all day?
  3. Did it snow last weekend?
  4. Did you exercise last night?
  5. Do you make your bed every morning?
  6. Does the teacher give a lot of homework?
  7. Did you get my message?
  8. Did the plant grow new flowers?
  9. Does it rain a lot in your city?
  10. Did Mark talk to Bob yesterday?

unit 7

Example: I can speak Japanese.

Example: I can’t speak Japanese.

  1. My sister can’t cook.
  2. Paola can’t make delicious desserts.
  3. We can go to the movies this weekend.
  4. I can work for you on Thursday.
  5. Many animals can see in the dark.
  6. They can’t help us move.
  7. The teacher can’t start the test until everyone is quiet.
  8. You can sit anywhere you want.
  9. The children can’t play outside today.
  10. Dogs can understand some words.
  11. Ants can carry objects that are heavier than them.
  12. I can’t remember the words of that song.

  1. Receptionist: Hello?
    Tony: Hi. Can I speak to Dr. Carter?
    Receptionist: Dr. Carter is with a patient. He can’t come to the phone right now. He can call back in about an hour.
    Tony: Ok. Can you tell him Tony Sanchez called? Thank you.

  2. Jodi: Can you turn up the music? I can’t hear it.
    Alyssa: Yes, I can.
    Jodi: Thanks. I can hear it now.

  3. Rick: Can you help me move my refrigerator?
    Mark: I can’t help you. I hurt my back last week. Maybe Chris can help.
    Chris: Yes, I can help.

  4. Mindy: I can’t understand this homework. Can you help me?
    Tutor: Yes. What can I help with?
    Mindy: This problem is difficult. I can’t get the right answer.
    Tutor: Ok. Let’s look at it.

  1. I want to pass the class. I should study every day.
  2. You should eat vegetables and fruit.
  3. People should exercise at least four times a week.
  4. Students shouldn’t forget to do their homework.
  5. Everyone should wear a seatbelt in a car.
  6. We shouldn’t spend money on things we don’t need.
  7. She shouldn’t buy that car. It’s too old.
  8. You should try the new Thai restaurant. It’s delicious!
  9. Children shouldn’t watch a lot of TV.
  10. The company should pay the workers more money.

Example: We have to leave early.

  1. She has to go to the dentist soon.
  2. The teacher has to grade papers this afternoon.
  3. What do we have to do?
  4. Eliana has to get a haircut.
  5. I have to study at the library.
  6. He has to wake up early every morning.
  7. My roommate has to wash the dishes.
  8. Do they have to work late today?
  9. You have to take a history class.
  10. Students have to follow the school rules.
  11. The restaurant has to hire some new workers.
  12. Where does Jason have to go right now?

unit 8

  1. A: Where are you going to go after school?
    B: To the library.

  2. A: What are you going to do tomorrow.
    B: Clean my apartment.

  3. A: Are we going to eat lunch together?
    B: Yes, we are.

  4. A: Is it going to rain tonight?
    B: No, it isn’t.

  5. A: Where are we going to study?
    B: At my apartment.

  6. A: Are you going to take a break soon?
    B: Yes, I am.

  7. A: What time are they going to arrive?
    B: At 7:30.

  8. A: Is the teacher going to give us a test this Friday?
    B: No, she isn’t.

Example: He’ll ask for help in a minute.

  1. Gerald won’t become a famous scientist.
  2. Manny won’t be at the party tonight.
  3. It’ll rain a lot this weekend.
  4. They’ll have the food ready in a few minutes.
  5. She won’t ask for help with her homework.
  6. Bob won’t be at work this week.
  7. We’ll see each other again next year.
  8. I’ll be there at 9:00.
  9. Don’t eat so much candy. You’ll get a stomachache.
  10. They won’t arrive early tonight.

  1. Where will Ashley study?
  2. Will she study every day?
  3. Will she get a job?
  4. What will her job be?
  5. Will she work at a restaurant?
  6. Will Ashley waste her time?
  7. Will she spend time with her friends?
  8. When will she come home?

I am excited about my future. Right now, I’m studying to become a lawyer. I will graduate from law school in a few days. I have many things to do to get ready. This afternoon, I’m going to meet with my student advisor and turn in my last project. I’m going to buy new clothes for graduation tomorrow evening. My parents will arrive this Saturday, so I’ll pick them up from the airport. I’m going to take them out for a nice dinner this weekend. The graduation ceremony will happen next Thursday. After I graduate, I am going to go on a vacation. I am going to travel to Europe next month. When I get back, I will prepare for my new job. I’ll start work at a law firm in three months. It will be a great job. I’m going to save a lot of money because I’m going to visit my parents next winter.